Term and Conditions

1)      We will take 50% of the total payment in advance.

2)      Once the payment has been received then only the work can be started.

3)      The full and final payment should be made in 5 days of completion of work or whenever call for pricing will be made.

4)      If any content is required, that would be charged separately.

5)      In case there are any additional costs incurred by the client because of any payment clearances or transaction charges then they would be solely his responsibility.

6)      Every year the website maintenance fee would be charged.

7)      The work discussions will happen only through emails. We will not entertain any calls to discuss work issues.

8)      You have the responsibility of all the content, images, copyrights, trademarks, logo, brand names or any other information that you provide to us. We will not be held responsible for any kind of issues that arise due to publication of any information or material on your website.

9)      It is required that you maintain your own backups. Any loss of data will not be our responsibility. However if the data loss is a result of any error at our end then we would get the needful done. 

10)   We and all our employees agree that after the contract is agreed, we will not share any information related to it with any external party.